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Joe Shebl
October 24, 2016 | Joe Shebl

Winemaker Report October 2016

Hello once again! We trust you are well, and preparing for another Holiday Season. Yep, it’s pretty much here!

We have finished yet another phenomenal harvest here in Amador County. We saw a couple typical heat spikes in July, but then the weather pattern fell into, what I would call, more normal growing conditions (however, what is normal anyway!). After early September, there were no real extremes to mention and daytime highs were in the low 90’s with nighttime lows in the low 50’s. Grapevines like these temperature fluctuations! These optimal conditions allowed the fruit to fully ripen physiologically by providing a longer hang time on the vine so that the grapes could develop the fullest flavors possible. This harvest should make for some very beautiful, interesting and delicious wines!

We have a fantastic production team here at Renwood, and none of what we do would be possible without their hard work and dedication. Most of us were here into the wee-hours of each morning, for weeks on end, waiting for our nighttime picked fruit to arrive in order to get it all gently processed and into the tanks as cold, and as quickly, as possible. It’s tiresome work and makes for some very long days, but we are so adamant about making the best wines that we can. We just keep going because we know it’s the right thing to do!

In the Cellar, the wines of 2015 are aging gracefully. In another month or so, Moises and I will start working on the new blends, preparing them for bottling in April and May. Keep an eye out for some new wines that Renwood has not produced in a very long time: Hint: it’s Italian (wink, wink). Also new this year, we were able to purchase some concrete tanks. We’ve been conducting exciting experimentations with them, on several different varieties, and the preliminary results are very promising. We’ll share with you when we can, we promise!

My letters are never complete without expressing our deepest gratitude to you. For supporting us and for being our brand champions, we greatly appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you here as much as possible and very soon! We hope you enjoy the current releases in this shipment and we wish you all the best in the coming month.

Warm Regards,
Joe Shebl

Time Posted: Oct 24, 2016 at 3:05 PM
Joe Shebl
September 1, 2016 | Joe Shebl

September 1, 2016

Another vintage is officially underway in beautiful Amador County and all signs are pointing to another high quality year. We have been blessed with four very good years here, and 2016 is shaping up to be another exceptional year. The season began with a longer than normal bloom in the vineyards, and apart from our typical July heatwaves, growing conditions have been ideal with daytime highs in the mid 90’s and nighttime temperatures in the upper 50’s. Simply put, Mother Nature has blessed us with optimal conditions for world class wines!
Harvest started with a small amount of Viognier on Wednesday, August 17th, which is about 11 days later than last year. The current weather pattern shows a bit of a cooling trend which will help tremendously with obtaining optimal physiological ripeness.
In the cellar, we finished bottling the 2014 vintage in June and are very pleased with all the new wines. The 2014 Vineyard Designates are stunning, and each of them are inherently unique just like the terroir of Amador County. One of the new wines that has yet to be released, the 2014 Grand Reserve Barbera, is a true show stopper if I don’t say so myself! Aged for 14 months in a brand new, 3000L untoasted French Oak cask, this is the purest Barbera we’ve ever made. It is silk-smooth, edgeless and unmistakably a true Barbera in every way possible. Only 50 cases were made!

We strive daily in our unrelenting quest for the perfect wine and to make sure each wine exhibits our high quality standards which always emphasizes freshness, vitality and drinkability. This is the winemaking philosophy we live by.
My letters never completely express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of our Members and guests. At Renwood, we are genetically programmed to make the best wines that we possibly can, to provide the best guest experiences, and to wholeheartedly be grateful that we get to share our hard work with you.

Kind Regards, 

Joe Shebl

Time Posted: Sep 1, 2016 at 2:29 PM