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2011 Premiere Old Vine Zinfandel
Hurley’s Mixed Berry Preserves & D’affinois Brie
The fruit of the berry preserves draws out and spotlights the complexity and vibrancy of the Zinfandel. The cheese with the fresh berry preserves compliments and amplifies the high tone red fruit characteristics while the acidity cuts thru the creaminess of the cheese.  The pairing explodes on the middle of your palate to create a beautiful tango of D’affinois and Zinfandel.

2012 Barbera
Snowdonia’s Ginger Spice Cheddar
The sweet and savory quality of the cheese, tones down the acidity found in the Barbera, completely highlighting the beautiful bright red fruit.  The creamy quality of the cheddar in combination with the ginger spice, magnifies the vanilla finish of the Barbera resulting in a beautiful waltz that has been described as “heavenly” by those who experience it.   

2011 Merida Zinfandel
Cypress Grove Purple Haze Goat Cheese
The Merida Zinfandel and the Purple Haze are a magnificent pairing.  The velvety quality of the goat cheese masks this wines medium acidity to reveal the soul of the wine.  The bright plum and raspberry qualities found in the wine are illuminated and turned into a delightful jammy blend similar to flavors that you would find in a fresh artisan pastry. The herbal spread on the goat cheese brings forward an amazingly fresh finish, taking the spices you first found on the finish and turning them into a plethora of fresh garden herbs that marinate in your mouth.

2011 Bewick’s Zinfandel
Parrano Cheese wrapped in Fresh Basil topped with a Dollop of Bacon & Chive Dip by Terrapin Ridge

This combination takes the tart red fruit found in this juicy Zinfandel on a roller coaster ride, spinning the acids of the wine into ripe candied fruit qualities. The basil brings forth an elegant note of fennel previously hidden within the finish of the wine.  The whole experience is wrapped up in a bow by crisp flavors of chives with a hint of salt from the bacon.

2011 Syrah
Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper Cheese topped with Half a Leaf of Sage, a Pinch of Fresh Rosemary, a Marcona Almond & Basil Oil
This pairing completely compliments flavors that are quintessential to a classic Syrah.  The Lamb Chopper plays the role that all cheese plays in wine and does it beautifully; turning down the acidity and tartness of the wine in order to amplify the fruit. The cranberry, blueberry, plum and raspberry shine and sing when had with this cheese. The raspberry and sage wrestle back and forth. The rosemary balances the nutty flavors of the Marcona Almond with the oak and earth that you find in the wine. The silky qualities of the basil oil tie everything together to produce flavors of a charbroiled steak dancing on your palate. This pairing is a WOW!